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Headlines From 2002 Events UK

Recipients love to read what was happening in the world on a date that has a special meaning to them, such as a birthday or anniversary, as it creates a fascinating connection with their past. A 2002 Newspaper offers the ultimate insight into 2002 news as it offers a true window into how the world once was, reported first hand from those living at that time. Birthday Newspapers offer a wonderful trip down memory lane, and the personal nature of this present will show that you have put a lot of thought into your gift.

Headlines From 2002 Events

Not only will your newspaper be a fantastic way to discover 2002 history but it will also be a treasured gift of high sentimental value. This is made even more special with the certificate of authenticity included with every 2002 newspaper, at no extra charge. This can be personalised with not only the recipients name and the occasion but also a personal message. Add the perfect finishing touch to this special gift with one of our many stunning presentation options, ranging from commemorative keepsake folders to beautifully crafted gift boxes.

These look great but will also help to store your 2002 newspaper so that it can be referred to and enjoyed for many years to come. Not just by the person receiving it but by future generations that will enjoy sharing trips down memory lane as the 2002 pictures, headlines and news reports bring back fond memories from the past.

Newspaper 2002 Article Coverage

Please see below for a breakdown of important events that happened in 2002 which are likely to be covered in your newspaper dependent on the date selected. If you're looking for specific 2002 news headlines then please feel free to contact our archivist team who are experts when it comes to researching old newspapers from this significant period of historical interest.

Date Event
1st January 2002Euro notes and coins are issued in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands.
31st January 2002A large section of the Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf begins disintegrating, consuming about 3,250 km (1,254 miles) over thirty-five days.
8-24th February 2002The 2002 Winter Olympics are held in Salt Lake City, Utah.
9th February 2002Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, dies in hospital after suffering a stroke.
12th February 2002The trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic begins at the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague.
19th March 2002 US Attack on Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda ends after killing 500 Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters, with eleven allied troop fatalities. The attack had started on 1st March.
30th March 2002The Queen Mother dies in her sleep at the Royal lodge, she was 101-years-old.
30th May 2002The final piece of debris from The World Trade Centre is removed from Ground Zero.
31st May 2002The 2002 FIFA World Cup begins, co-hosted by South Korea and Japan. Brazil beats Germany 2-0 in the final.
3rd June 2002“The Party in the Palace” pop concert takes place at Buckingham Palace to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee.
10th July 2002At a Sotheby's auction, Peter Paul Rubens' painting "The Massacre of the Innocents" (first version) is sold for £49.5million to Kenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet.
14th July 2002Jacques Chirac escapes an assassination attempt during Bastille Day celebrations.
21st August 2002Forensic experts confirm that bodies found days earlier are those of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman; Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr are charged in relation to their deaths.
12th September 2002U.S. President George W. Bush addresses the United Nations and challenges its members to confront the "grave and gathering danger" of Iraq, or stand aside as the United States and likeminded nations act.
12th October 2002Terrorists detonate bombs in two nightclubs in Kuta, Bali, killing 202 people and injuring over 300.
18th November 2002Iraq Disarmament Crisis: United Nations weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix arrive in Iraq.
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