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Read about breaking news with a 2019 newspaper article. If you are looking to learn about a recent event, or want to commemorate a date that has special meaning to you, a newspaper can provide an insight into a specific day gone by.

Written by the leading newspaper editors at the time, a newspaper will provide the opinions and concerns expressed by the nation surrounding any reported event. Historic Newspapers is home to the largest newspaper archive in the world, and aim to provide beautiful keepsake gifts, or simply a good read.

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2019 Newspaper Headlines

With more and more shocking and exciting events making 2019 newspaper headlines every day, the year has already provided readers with unforgettable news. In January, a Chinese probe became the first ever human-made object to land on the dark side of the moon, while family and fans of Emiliano Sala were saddened at the tragic plane crash near Guernsey which led to weeks of searching for the wreckage.

Records were broken as Ariana Grande becomes the second artist to have ever held the number 1, 2 and 3 spot on the Hot 100 Chart after The Beatles in 1964. As the President of the United States meets the Leader of North Korea in Hanoi, the nation watches and awaits the next important event of 2019.

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