Daily Express Archive

One of the first ever newspapers to publish headlines rather than notices on the front page, the Daily Express was established in 1900. For devoted readers of this title, choosing a newspaper from our Daily Express archives will make an ideal birthday or anniversary gift for someone special. The recipient of this original historic paper will love seeing the headlines from their special date.

The first British newspaper to include a daily crossword, its average daily circulation currently stands at around 315,000 and it has remained within the top 10 circulated newspapers within the UK since it was founded.

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daily express back issues

The Daily Express Newspaper

Historic Newspapers own the largest archive of Daily Express back issues, dating back to when the publication began. As well as ordering via our online service, we also offer a specialist archive search where a member of the archive team will locate your chosen issue of the Daily Express.

Once you’ve selected your newspaper, the gift is personalised by you through the addition of a certificate of authenticity, which includes the recipient’s name, the occasion, and a personal greeting from you. This certificate guarantees that your copy of the Daily Express is a legitimate original newspaper.