Galloway Gazette Newspaper Archive

The Galloway Gazette was founded in 1870 and is published in South West Scotland. Focusing on news and sports in particular, the newspaper gives a local perspective on current events.

Our Galloway Gazette archives have a huge range of original copies of the newspaper that show the news headlines from a particular date. For a specific paper, to speed up your research, please email:

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Galloway Gazette Newspaper Archive

Our collection of Galloway Gazette back issues allows you to travel back into the past and read about news events as far back as 1900. If you know someone who read the Galloway Gazette, or if you are a regular reader yourself, you might be intrigued to see what the newspaper was covering on a special day of your choice.

Even more, these original newspapers can be personalised by adding a name and a message and come with a certificate to prove they are genuine original issues and make them truly special gifts.