Irish Mirror Newspaper Archive

The Irish Mirror was launched in 1997, making it a relatively modern publication. It is known for being the platform for working-class people in Ireland for campaigning on various topics, such as better pay, education and working conditions. Entertainment is at the heart of the newspaper, and they publish daily stories in sport and showbiz.

Our Irish Mirror archives include a huge number of issues for you to choose from, dating back to when the newspaper was first published.

Age of Paper Price
1-39 years From £19.99
40-69 years From £29.99
70 years + From £34.99
FROM £24.99
Irish Mirror

Historic Newspapers’ archive is full of Irish Mirror back issues, all of which can be personalised to make extra special gifts. Regular readers of the Irish Mirror would be fascinated by older copies of the newspaper they may not have read before.

By adding their name and a message, an original copy of the Irish Mirror from your chosen date makes a fantastic gift.