Picture this: your cherished past newspaper, meticulously preserved in a time capsule, its significance protected for generations to come. It’s not just a gift; it’s the finishing touch to create an extraordinary memory. Our presentation options are a symphony of elegance, ranging from exclusive wooden gift boxes to deluxe presentation folders. Crafted with the same dedication as the newspapers they cradle, these options exude unparalleled quality.

Past Newspapers

FROM £19.99
Age of Paper Price
0 - 1 Years From £19.99
1 - 28 Years From £24.99
29 - 48 Years From £39.99
49 - 68 Years From £44.99
69 Years + From £49.99

For those extraordinary milestones, like a significant birthday, we elevate the experience even further. Imagine your past newspaper nestled alongside a bottle of your favorite libation, encased in a luxurious satin-lined, passionate red gift box. The emotions this package will evoke are beyond words.

Embrace history with us, where the past is not just preserved but passionately shared, creating memories that transcend time.

We are guardians of time, curating a comprehensive archive that’s consistently updated. This means you can effortlessly journey through the last 100+ years and uncover the gems of the past, a treasure hunt made simple. Expect not only nationally acclaimed titles but also long-forgotten regional newspapers, each harboring its own unique stories. While our collection predominantly comprises English, Irish, and Scottish newspapers, we also hold treasures from far-flung places like America and Canada, connecting you to the tapestry of world history.

These past newspapers aren’t mere replicas; they are authentic originals, a glimpse into yesteryears’ voices. Stored with the utmost care in our archive, each one comes with a certificate of authenticity. But we don’t stop there—personalization is our signature. Your recipient’s name, the occasion, and a heartfelt message can adorn a certificate. It’s the personal touch that transforms a gift into a cherished memory.

If you have any special requests, or specific research requirements, then please do get in touch as we are always pleased to help in any way we can. To date we’ve sent out past newspapers for all manner of reasons. These commonly include not just Birthday Newspapers but also decorations for charity events and props for theatre productions with historical themes.


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Kim November 1 2023

Bought this newspaper as a 90th birthday gift for my dad, who loved it and didn't put it down all day (my mum had to confiscate it so he'd eat his dinner!). Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a special unique gift.

Paula Winston October 30 2023

I wouldn’t know the product didn’t arrive!

  • Historic Newspapers Team October 31 2023

    Thank you for your review.

    We do apologise that this has happened with your order.

    Looking at the email communication with our Customer Service Team, unfortunately your original order went missing, which we do apologise for.

    Upon raising a replacement for you, you requested a change of delivery address and there was a crossover from your original address to the new address, and the 2 addresses merged together. As the replacement was sent out by courier, unfortunately we were not advised of any issues with the address, and your tracking kept showing the item was out for delivery. Finally we were advised, the issue was corrected and confirmed by the courier, but unfortunately there were still issues.

    Due to all the unfortunate issues, the item was returned and you were issued with a full refund.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenienced caused.

    Kindest Regards
    The Historic Newspapers Team

Arthur Gresty October 25 2023

Excellent product and fast delivery.

MARC JEFFERIES October 20 2023

Absolutely amazing & so pleased with it.

Hywel Evans October 17 2023

Original newspaper and great gift. Love the smell of the older ones!!

Monique October 11 2023

Very expensive for what it is but I wanted it so I paid but it's great to read.

Helen Starley October 11 2023

The presentation was excellent. I bought the paper for a 94 year old for his birthday. He was amazed and delighted. And so am l

Michael Taylor October 10 2023

Great condition. A little nostalgia. I would highly recommend this item.

Jayne Dodd October 9 2023

Excellent gift

Mrs Susan Rooke October 9 2023

Great quality and quick delivery would definitely recommend