The Scotsman Newspaper Archive

The Scotsman newspaper is based in Edinburgh. As Scotland’s national newspaper, it provides a Scottish perspective on a great number of topics, from news events to food and drink. While it began as a radical political paper in 1817, the newspaper started publishing daily in 1855 and continued to be a broadsheet newspaper up until 2004.

Our Scotsman archives hold a significant number of original newspapers dating back to the turn of the century, and show how the newspaper has changed as the years have gone on.

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the scotsman original newspaper archive

Historic Newspapers’ collection of Scotsman back issues are interesting reads, especially for a friend or relative who reads the newspaper daily. If your friend or relative is fascinated by the past, there are original newspapers available from a huge number of dates.

Make an original Scotsman newspaper the perfect gift by personalising it with a recipient’s name and a message.