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Genuine Newspapers

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Original newspapers have fast become a hugely popular commemorative keepsake that can be treasured by the recipient for years to come. People simply cannot believe that the newspaper is a genuine original and is still in the same perfect condition as the day it was printed.

Some of the most popular events, dates and occasions to give an original paper on include birthday and anniversary dates, or special milestones like a graduation or retirement. Revisiting these personal dates of importance through the news reported at the time offers an authentic and unrivalled insight into the past. This wave of nostalgia and trip down memory lane is what contributes to making original newspapers such unique gifts that can be referred to and enjoyed for years to come then passed on through future generations.

Original Newspaper Gifts

The entire collection of newspapers held in the Historic Newspapers archive is currently over 7 million, making it the world's largest private archive that spans a range of dates back to the 17th century. The most comprehensive coverage is from over the last 100 years and a newspaper can almost be guaranteed for any day dating back to 1900. There is also a range of titles to choose from for the majority of dates, many of which are specific to certain regions, or have even long since been discontinued, making them that bit more personal and special for the person receiving them.

Every newspaper is not only checked for it's quality but also to ensure that it is a legitimate genuine original, and not a reprint or copy made at a later date. This also means that all our original newspapers are becoming increasingly rare as once a particular title or date is sold out then a replacement is unlikely to be sourced. Previously the archive has been built from collections held by a range of institutions around the world including libraries and universities from as far as Australia and America.

Original Gift Box

There are a huge range of presentation options which perfectly complement original newspapers, not only making them look great but also helping to protect and preserve them. Choices include a selection of gift boxes, presentation folders, picture frames, wine and spirit gift sets, bound books and more. Many of these can also be further personalised with options such as gold embossing the recipient's name.

A personalised certificate of authenticity is an optional extra that is included at no extra charge, not only certifying the newspaper as a genuine original but also providing the perfect finishing touch to an already very personal gift. Add their name, the occasion being celebrated and even a personal message to the certificate accompanying their original newspaper to ensure yours is the gift that they will remember.

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If you are looking for a wider range of original gift ideas, look no further than, our sister website that specialises in digging out some really imaginative personalised gift ideas.

Newspaper Books & Other Newspaper Gifts

As an alternative to Original Newspapers why not take a look at our range of stunning, made to order, luxury Newspaper Books?

Explore our huge range of Newspaper Gifts and other Nostalgic Gifts, starting from just £6.99 here. These keepsake items are perfect for marking, and commemorating, important dates and special occasions that will be cherished and loved by the recipient for years to come.

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