Milestone Birthday Gifts

Milestone Birthday Gifts


No birthday presents are more important than milestone birthday gifts! Simply select the relevant birthday being celebrated below to explore our full range of unusual birthday gifts for the special occasion.

Historic Newspapers boast the world’s largest newspaper archive as well as a variety of newspaper-themed gifts to help you make those milestone birthdays extra special.

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  • Birthday Edition Newspaper Book
    701 reviews

    Personalised Birthday Newspaper Book

    From £49.99
    Personalised Birthday Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books49.99
  • Telegraph Book Birthday Book
    60 reviews

    Daily Telegraph Birthday Newspaper Book

    From £54.99
    Daily Telegraph Birthday Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books54.99
  • Softback Year Newspaper book
    77 reviews

    Softback Year Book Newspaper Book

    070101010000Softback Year Book Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books24.99
  • Your Life in Pictures Book
    35 reviews

    This is Your Life Picture Book

    072401000000This is Your Life Picture BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books29.99
  • Personalised Milestones Memory Journal

    Personalised Milestones Memory Journal

    091801010000Personalised Milestones Memory JournalPersonalised Wedding Gifts29.99