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1921 Newspaper Headlines Summary

1921 newspaper headlines were saturated with news of the political rise of communism throughout the world in a time of massive change. What were some of the 1921 newspaper articles captivated national audiences?

The people of Europe were still suffering the aftermath of the war, unemployment and inflation meant that living normal lives wasn’t easy. Communist parties in China, Belgium, Spain and South Africa were formed during this year and the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR was given the go ahead. It was also the year that Mongolia gained independence from China, Albert Einstein lectured on his new Theory of Relativity in New York and Adolf Hitler became the leader of the Socialist German Workers Party. In a major medical breakthrough insulin was discovered. It was also the year that the first sports broadcast took place on radio, a huge technological advancement. Read about all the exciting 1921 news which kept journalists busy, the people informed, and changed the course of history forever in one of our authentic newspapers.

January 20th 1921Usually equipped with steam turbines, British submarine HMS K5 sank with 57 crew members on board during Bay of Biscay exercises.
February 6th 1921Starring in and directing “The Kid”, Charlie Chaplin’s famous film is released, co-starring, Jackie Coogan.
February 12th 1921Soldier, author and British Prime Minster, Winston Churchill becomes the British Minster of Colonies.
March 23rd 1921Germany announces they’re unable to meet the Great War reparation payments.
April 2nd 1921Theoretical Physicist, Albert Einstein, lectures in New York city on his new “Theory of Relativity”.
April 7th 1921Father of Modern China, Sun Yat-sen, is elected President of China, though China remains divided into north and south due to rivalries of warlords.
May 27th 1921Afghanistan achieves sovereignty after 84 years of British control.
June 22nd 1921Runner nicknamed the “Flying Finn”, Paavo Nurmi, runs world record of 10,000m (30.40.2).
July 29th 1921Dictator of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.
September 21st 1921In Oppau, Germany, a storage silo at a BASF fertiliser producing plant explodes, with 500-600 killed.
November 4th 1921Hara Takahi, Japanese Prime Minster is assassinated in Tokyo.
December 6th 1921The Anglo-Irish Treaty is signed. Ireland gains dominion status; Northern Ireland is an outcome of the partition.
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