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1924 Newspaper Headlines Summary

1924 newspaper headlines were eye-catching to say the least. It was a dramatic year in history especially within the political and economic spheres of society. There were huge changes happening all over the world, particularly with the rise of fascism on the continent. Italian fascists received an incredible 65% of the countries votes in parliament this year, setting the stage for the dictatorship that was going to come under the leadership of Mussolini. It was also the year that St Petersburg was renamed Leningrad under the communist leadership of Lenin, and the first crossword was published. 1924 newspaper articles tell the stories of the dramatic changes that were taking place at home and overseas during this tumultuous time.

January 23rd 1924Preceding Stanley Baldwin’s resignation, Ramsay MacDonald forms the first Labour Government.
February 24th 1924Pacifist and Spiritual Leader, Mahatma Gandhi is released from jail.
February 26th 1924The trial against Adolf Hitler, Dictator of Nazi Germany begins in Munich.
April 1st 1924The Imperial Airways forms in Britain and the Royal Canadian Air Force is formed.
May 11th 1924Automobile Engineer and Inventor, Karl Benz forms Mercedes-Benz with Gottlieb Daimler.
June 7th 1924Mountain Climber, George Leigh-Mallory and his partner disappear 775’ from Everest’s summit.
September 3rd 1924Civil war breaks out in China. (Gen Tsi moves to Shanghai).
September 6th 1924An assassination attempt on Italian Dictator, Benito Mussolini is made.
October 13th 1924Mecca falls to Saudi forces led by Founder of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud.
October 15th 1924The Statue of Liberty in America is declared a national monument by 30th US President, Calvin Coolidge.
November 10th 1924Leader of the North Side Gang, Dion O’Banion is assassinated by Johnny Torrio’s gang. This sparks the bloody gang war of the 1920s in Chicago.
December 30th 1924At the meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Astronomer, Edwin Hubble, announces the existence of other galactic systems.
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