Personalised Newspapers

Personalised Newspapers can be a fabulous gift. We sell original newspapers as birthday and anniversary presents. This can be personalised through the Certificate of Authenticity, which guarantees that these original newspapers are genuine originals – not copies.

The Guardian Original Newspapers
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The Guardian Original Newspapers

Personalised Original Newspapers

These certificates are personalised with the recipient’s name, the occasion being celebrated, and a personal message.

These personalised newspapers are a special birthday gift because they were published on the day the recipient of the gift was born. They have been particularly popular for special birthday milestones like a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday. Some of the personalised newspapers we sell are very old indeed. A couple of years ago we sold a personalised newspaper for a 110th birthday.

These old newspapers are a fascinating read. One can get absorbed in the news published on the day you were born, read all about the sports news of the day, and marvel at how much advertising has changed over the years. Being given a personalised newspaper does have a special resonance because of its personal connection with the recipient – people do like to know what was happening on their birthdate.

Archive of Personalised Newspapers

Historic Newspapers owns the UK largest archive of Personalised Newspapers, located near Wigtown in Scotland. This collection has been assembled over the last thirty years by buying newspaper runs from libraries, universities and government departments, both in the UK and in as far afield as Australia. We now have nearly 4 million Personalised Original Newspapers, with a wide array of titles – many of which have long ceased to be published.

Gift Presentations for our Personalised Newspapers

We have a wide range of gift presentations available to suit all occasions. These range from our blue Gift Box through to a red Satin Lined Gift Box, the Presentation Folder, or even having the newspaper Framed. Our Personalised Newspapers are also available together with a premium Champagne or Spirit, including Macallan Malt Whisky and Martell Cognac. A perfect gift combination.


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NICHOLAS MAVRIDOGLOU Trustpilot product review 4 star rating February 26 2020

Very good product.nExcellent service.

Jan Leeming Trustpilot product review 3 star rating February 26 2020

Disappointing to discover it was Manchester Guardian and not The Guardian

Joanne Parker Trustpilot product review 5 star rating February 25 2020

Lovely present for my dad's 60th birthday in a lovely gift would highly recommend.

Lorna Trustpilot product review 5 star rating February 25 2020

Good anniversary gift

A SNAPE Trustpilot product review 1 star rating February 25 2020

Great fun to see news & other information from 85 years ago, kept in relatively good condition, considering age.

Grace Trustpilot product review 5 star rating February 25 2020

Great present idea

MB Trustpilot product review 5 star rating February 24 2020

Bought for a 90th birthday present - fabulous memorable keepsake.

Janet Trustpilot product review 5 star rating February 24 2020

Absolutely brilliant 40th birthday gift

Rosanna Gregory Trustpilot product review 5 star rating February 24 2020

Lovely 60th Birthday Gift

louise paterson Trustpilot product review 1 star rating February 23 2020

There's very poor value for money when advertising an item that they couldn't produce very disappointing