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1935 Newspaper Headlines

Major 1935 events include the publication of the first Penguin book, the German rearmament, the victory and return to power of the conservative party in Britain and much more. Our collection of 1935 newspaper articles tell the stories of the nation and the world, through first hand accounts of what was going on at the time. The best way to understand history is through the eyes of those who lived it. An authentic newspaper is a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasion, and is a thoughtful gift that your loved one will appreciate. History is the key to understanding the present and the future, so it’s imperative that we never stop learning about the world as it existed before us.

8th January 1935Birth of Elvis Presley, American singer, actor, and guitarist (d. 1977).
28th January 1935Iceland becomes the first country to legalise abortion on medical grounds.
22nd February 1935Aircraft are banned from flying over the White House.
16th March 1935Adolf Hitler announces German rearmament, despite this being in violation of the Versailles Treaty.
21st March 1935Persia is renamed Iran.
19th May 1935T. E. Lawrence, former British-soldier and subject of the film “Lawrence of Arabia”, dies in a motorbike accident.
10th June 1935Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Akron, Ohio, by William G. Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.
30th July 1935The first Penguin paperback books are published.
5th November 1935Parker Brothers, the toy manufacturer and brand, releases the first edition of the board game ‘Monopoly‘.
14th November 1935Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin wins the 1935 general election and returns to office for the Conservative Party, with a large but reduced majority.
3rd December 1935Princess Victoria, daughter of King Edward VII (b. 1868) dies.
18th December 1935Samuel Hoare resigns as British foreign secretary and is replaced by Anthony Eden.
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