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1937 Newspaper Headlines

1937 was an important year in history. Major 1937 events include 17 communists going on trial in Moscow for plotting to overthrow Stalin, the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the IRA’s attempted assassination of the king. In more positive news, this was also the year in which Walt Disney’s first feature-length animated cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” was released, instantly capturing the hearts of audiences. 1937 news headlines are filled with fascinating stories that paint a picture of how life was during this time, and provide a captivating insight into the events that have since shaped society.

3rd January 1937The first ever science fiction convention is held in Leeds.
23rd January 1937Seventeen leading Communists go on trial in Moscow, accused of participating in a plot led by Leon Trotsky to overthrow Joseph Stalin's regime and assassinate its leaders.
21st February 1937The first successful flying car, Waldo Waterman's ‘Aerobile‘, makes its first flight.
1st April 1937Aden becomes a British Crown colony and is thus ruled as part of British India.
9th April 1937The ‘Kamikaze’ aircraft arrives at Croydon Airport in London; it is the first Japanese-built aircraft to fly to Europe.
12th May 1937The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth takes place at Westminster Abbey.
28th May 1937 Conservative Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister.
8th June 1937A solar eclipse is visible in the Pacific and Peru. It is the first total solar eclipse to exceed seven minutes in duration for over eight-hundred years.
28th July 1937The IRA attempts to assassinate King George VI with a bomb in Belfast.
26th August 1937Sino-Japanese War: Japanese aircraft attack a car carrying the ambassador of Great Britain, during a raid on Shanghai.
27th September 1937The last Bali tiger dies. Subspecies of the Bali tiger also become extinct.
5th November 1937Adolf Hitler holds a secret meeting in the Reich Chancellery and states his plans to acquire "living space" for the German people.
9th November 1937Ramsay MacDonald, former Prime Minister (b. 1866) dies at sea.
4th December 1937The first edition of “The Dandy“ is published.

21st December 1937
Walt Disney's “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“, the first feature-length animated cartoon with sound, opens and becomes an instant hit.
28th December 1937Maurice Ravel, French composer of “Bolero“ (b. 1875) dies as a result of a brain injury caused by a car crash.
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