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1936 Newspaper Headlines

Some of the most important events in 1936 include the inception of the Spanish Civil War, the German occupation of the Rhineland, and the coronation of George VI as the King of England. The coverage of 1936 news by publications such as The Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail show how these events were perceived at the time. An authentic newspaper is a great gift idea to commemorate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

4th January 1936England celebrates its first ever win over the All Blacks in Rugby Union, featuring two famous tries by "The Prince" Alexander Obolensky.
20th January 1936King George V dies. His eldest son succeeds him, becoming Edward VIII.
6th February 1936The 1936 Winter Olympics, officially known as the IV Olympic Winter Games, open in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
1st March 1936Construction of Hoover Dam is completed on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada. At the time of completion, it is the world’s largest concrete structure and also the world’s largest power- generator.
7th March 1936Nazi Germany reoccupies the Rhineland, despite this being in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.
19th April 1936The 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in Palestine begins against the British government, in opposition to Jewish immigration.
7th May 1936Italy annexes Ethiopia.
27th May 1936British luxury liner ‘RMS Queen Mary’ leaves Southampton on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic.
27th May 1936The first flight of the Irish airline Aer Lingus takes-off, just five days after the company is registered as an airline.
30th June 1936Margaret Mitchell's novel “Gone with the Wind” is published for the first time.
18th July 1936The Spanish Civil War begins when nationalist troops under the command of General Francisco Franco rise against the existing republican government.
1st August 1936The 1936 Summer Olympics open in Berlin, Germany, and mark the first live television coverage of a sports event in world history.
3rd November 1936Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected to a second term as U.S. President, in a landslide victory over Alf Landon.
30th November 1936The Crystal Palace is destroyed in a fire.
10th December 1936King Edward VIII signs an instrument of abdication at Fort Belvedere in the presence of his three brothers; The Duke of York, The Duke of Gloucester and The Duke of Kent.
11th December 1936Prince Albert, Duke of York, becomes the King of England. He rules as King George VI.
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