1900 Newspapers

Interested in seeing how the 20th century started? Then our large original collection of 1900 newspapers is perfect for you. Each newspaper copy is preserved under optimum conditions and comes with a personalised certificate of authenticity to add to the novelty of the gift.

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1900 Original Newspapers

1900 News Headlines

The start of the 20th century came with rich history, as Britain sends over its biggest army it had ever sent abroad in the Second Boer War, the US creates its first books of postage stamps whilst the boxer rebellion in China was in full swing, to name but a few 1900 news headlines. A newspaper from this year will allow you to experience history from a new perspective as it allows you to see and read authentic, original 1900 newspaper articles the same way in which someone would have done back then.

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Ken Beutel May 13 2024

I bought this newspaper for my wife's 50th birthday. She grew up in the UK so getting an original newspaper from the day she was born was very special for her. Being in Australia, the delivery was a bit expensive but it was worth it. The newspaper arrived quickly and was in great condition for its age.

Leanne Austin April 29 2024

It was the perfect gift, meaningful and authentic. The recepient lived it and we spent ages reading the articles and laughing at the ads.

Michelle Johnston April 25 2024

Very happy with this newspaper which we bought for a friend's 90th birthday. Very prompt delivery.

Paul B April 18 2024

Very happy with the product and its presentation.

Jennifer Anderson April 18 2024

Thank you so much, fantastic gift for a special day!

Adrian Gallagher April 16 2024

Amazing gift. Great value for money.

Harry April 15 2024

The papers are Brilliant it’s in my collection thank you so much