1909 Newspapers

The golden age of polar exploration was at its peak, with 1909 news headlining every new development that happened in the search to finally reach both the north and south pole. Every explorer was seen as a national hero as they tried to explore places that had never been explored before. See all this first hand by getting yourself or a loved one a 1909 original authentic newspaper.

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1909 Original Newspapers

1909 Headlines

Many important events filled the 1909 headlines such as the first patent for thermosetting plastic by Leo Baekeland which sparked the birth of the plastics industry. However no 1909 event dominated the headlines more than that of polar exploration. During 1909 Ernest Shackleton reached the farthest South latitude that had ever been reached. However even more well known was Robert Peary’s successful exploration to the North pole, which is accepted as the first time anyone has successfully reached the North pole.

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