1908 Newspapers

We’ve come a long way since this era. Did you know, during this year, Henry Ford’s company built the first Model T car? Or that Orville Wright, the notorious aviator, made his first 1-hour airplane flight, Fort Myer, Va? Neither did we. But anyone with a keen sense in early history can indulge in our 1908 newspaper articles, covering the events, politics and society that made headlines.

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1908 Original Newspapers

1908 Newspaper Headlines Summary

The Industrial Revolution had brought the world into a realm of technological possibilities by 1900. Many of the 1908 articles report on some of the most amazing events of this year, including coverage of important icons of the time and what made the year memorable. Though there are notorious periods and dates in history associated with certain events and people, particular dates, like 1908, reveal rare snippets of history long-forgotten but nevertheless enormously fascinating.

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