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An important year for entertainment and naval warfare 1906 has plenty to offer to everyone that is interested in early 20th century history. With our collection of over 4 million original authentic newspapers you can pick a 1906 newspaper from any day.They make perfect gifts for milestone occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

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1906 Original Newspapers

1906 Headlines

The 1906 headlines beamed bright with British national pride as it launched HMS Dreadnought, only 100 days after it first started construction. The design was the first of its kind and ended up revolutionising all naval warfare. But 1906 newspaper articles were sure not to forget the first wireless radio broadcast, one which would prove to be the first of many and end up changing the entertainment industry irreversibly. Furthermore, in one of the most destructive natural disasters of the 20th century, 1909 news was also filled with headlines of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco which destroyed 75% of the city.

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It was the perfect gift, meaningful and authentic. The recepient lived it and we spent ages reading the articles and laughing at the ads.

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Very happy with this newspaper which we bought for a friend's 90th birthday. Very prompt delivery.

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