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1912 Headlines

Our collection of 1912 news articles reflects a year in history characterised by political uncertainty, social activism and bloody war in Europe. Tragedy struck in April 1912 when the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. Over 1600 people died, making this one of the most major events in 1912 news, and in history. Women still hadn’t been awarded the right to vote, and the suffragettes were getting restless. Their riots and protests often graced the front of newspapers, as the public reaction was divided. The Balkan wars began, when, in October, Montenegro declared war on the Ottoman Empire. The following few months saw a lot of bloodshed and the first cracks appearing as the Ottoman Empire began to slowly break apart. Good things came out of 1912 too; Tarzan made his first appearance to the public and the Olympic games took place in Sweden. Our extensive collection of 1912 newspaper articles offers fascinating insights into life during this memorable year in history.

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1912 newspaper

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