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1915 Headlines

A lot happened during this year, but what major events were big news for a 1915 newspaper? World War I was underway, and Europe was a continent divided, as its countries were in the middle of a war that would last 4 long years. 1915 newspaper articles reported on the first German zeppelin attack on Britain as well as the first military use of poison gas, spreading terror throughout the nation. The battle of Gallipoli began during this year, and involved soldiers from Britain and France, as well as those sent from New Zealand and Australia. It was the only major Ottoman success of the war. Overall, 1915 was a successful year for Germany and its allies, however a disappointing year for the allied forces. A devastating 6.7 earthquake struck in Avezzano, Italy, which killed almost 30,000 people, and destroyed landmarks, homes and lives. Across the ditch in New York, a staggering 25,000 people staged a march in support of women’s suffrage. Read about all these shocking and fascinating events and much more in an original 1915 newspaper.

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A Newspaper From
1915 newspaper

Shown as an example of papers printed at this time (click to enlarge).