1917 Newspapers

A year still in the clutches of war, 1917 newspapers explored the impacts of the war on the European people. It marked the beginning of one of history’s most influential events: The Russian Revolution.

Take a trip back in time and put yourself in the shoes of the reader in 1917. Imagine a time where the world was a completely different place, and the future of Britain was uncertain. If you’re interested in the events of 1917 then our extensive 1917 newspaper database is a great place to start looking. Our impressive collection stocks authentic copies of Britain’s biggest newspapers, and provides the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

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Our collection of 1917 news features tales from some of history’s most important events. The Russian Revolution began this year, marking a crucial turning point in politics. Russian Peasants and the working class revolted against Tsar Nicholas II, led by iconic revolutionist Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks. World War I continued to ravage Europe, and the United States stepped forward and declared war on Germany. President Woodrow Wilson was sworn in for a second term, and Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari was arrested in Paris on suspicion of being a German spy. Our range of 1917 newspaper articles tell stories of the high points and low points of this exciting year in history. Here’s a table which breaks down some of the key events of 1917

1917  Headlines

January 10th 1917
US President Woodrow Wilson’s December 1916 note is responded to by the Allied Governments, outlining their terms for ending the war.

February 10th 1917
Johanna Westerdijk is the Netherlands’ 1st female professor.

March 21st 1917
Loretta Walsh becomes the 1st female Petty Officer in the US Navy.

April 11th 1917
Red Sox’s Babe Ruth beats the NY Yankees pitching 3-hit 10-3 win.

May 18th 1917
Selective Service Act is passed by US congress. The federal government is now authorised to raise a national army through compulsory enlistment to enter WWI.

June 19th 1917
Writer and Civil Rights Activist, James Weldon Johnson organises a Silent Parade march on 5th Avenue, New York city, where 10,000 African-Americans protest against lynching.

August 28th 1917
Ten Suffragists are arrested for picketing the White House.

October 8th 1917
Russian Revolutionary, Leon Trotsky is named chairman of the Petrograd Soviet as the Bolsheviks gain control.

November 29th 1917
The Supreme Allied War Council meets at Versailles to define war aims.

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