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Explore some of the most fascinating 1913 news through Historic Newspapers expansive collection of authentic newspapers. The 1910’s was a period of uncertainty and drastic change. The possibility of war weighed heavily on the people of Europe and women continued to passionately fight for equality. See history through the eyes of the people at the time, and gain insight into how people perceived the world during a time vastly different to the modern day. At Historic Newspapers, our collection is the largest in the world and contains authentic copies of Britain’s most famous newspapers, such as The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mirror and many more.

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1913 Newspaper Headlines

Which 1913 newspaper headlines shocked the nation? War raged in the Balkans, as the Ottoman Empire fell apart, setting the stage for the Balkan crisis of 1914, and foreshadowing the beginning of the first world war. The women’s suffrage movement was spreading like wildfire throughout Europe.

In Britain, suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst is sent to jail for her activism, and her comrade Emily Davison leaps to her death as she steps out in front of King George V’s horse at the Epsom Derby. Josef Dzhugashvili published an article under the name “Joseph Stalin”, a name which would soon be infamous throughout the world.

The Mexican revolution was in full swing, and saw the radical transformation of the Mexican government and their culture, as well as the death of thousands. Italian Vincenzo Peruggia, perpetrator of the biggest art heist of the 20th century, was caught and arrested after attempting to sell the Mona Lisa in Florence, 2 years after it was stolen from the Louvre.

Our range of 1913 newspaper articles will give you direct insight into life during these trying times. Transport yourself back over a hundred years through and read about the 1913 events that make this year historically significant.

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